Upcoming and Recent PhD Thesis Defenses at USAT

  • Medicine & Psychology: The Effects if Stress on Doctors and How Brain mapping Therapy can Improve the lives of Doctors.  I Pinkhasova, Friday, June 18, 2015.
  • Medicine:  Comparison of Minimally Invasive Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion vs Traditional  Open Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgical outcomes for Treatment of Symptomatic Degenerative Conditions,  ME. Trujillo, Friday, June 19th, 0900-1200 hrs.



  • Medicine, Healthcare Management and Administration:  Reducing Hospital Readmissions:  Medicare’s Mandate – A New Challenge. R Keise, December 2014 [Passed]
  • Biophysics and Nutritional Medicine:  Effectivity of Synthetic Medicines versus FI Matrix of Natural Therapy for Auto-Immune Diseases and Cancer.  F I Izanobi, May 2015 [Passed]
  • Biophysics and Medicine:  Neuro – Immune Stimulation Therapy: Natural Quantum Energy Transference via Bio-electromagnetic Field Resonance. A L Gee, May, 2015 [Passed]
  • Medicine: Digital Infrared Imaging, Nutrient Levels, and Genetic Testing as  Tool to Statify Risk, Implement and Monitor Impact of The Breast [Cancer] Prevention Program. K  Blanche, November 2014 [Passed]
  • Medicine: A correlation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Vitamin E in the Diabetic Population. TS Clarke, December 2014 [Passed]
  •  Science [ScD, Hon]: Present­Day Water on the Surface of Mars,  Sir Charles W Shults III,  MAY 2015.
  • Education and the Arts: Red Sea – Imparting an Educational Perspective.  R Peritz, December 2014 [Passed]
  • Nursing Practice: Emerging Perspectives in Treating Heart Failure. I Njoloma, December 2014 [Passed]
  • Nursing Practice Hybrid Innovation in the BSN Curriculum, Carmen G Carillo-Caban December 2014, [Passed]
  • Nursing Practice  Breaking SterileTechnique, JC Whited , December 2014 [Passed]
  • Nursing Practice  Barriers to minorities in nursing in Kentucky Jacque DeShay Young,  December 2014 [Passed]
  • Medical Education [EdD]: The educational role of professional nursing intervention with asthmatic patients and the factors that relate to the occurrence of relapses and remissions in patients treatment, E Rojo, December 2014 [Passed]