Academic and Research Prizes

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of The University of Science, Arts and Technology, the USAT has established academic and research prizes in ten areas of research and academics.  The prizes shall be announced at the annu

al commencement ceremony, normally held at the conclusion of each academic year. The awards will be announced by an individual so designated by the selection committee for each award so established.  The awards shall include areas of distinction in Science, Arts, Education, and Technology, and such other areas as may be determined by the Executive Council of the University.  Recipients of each award will be determined by an academic and research   Not all awards must be awarded if a suitable candidate has not been identified in any given year.  Each prize will consist of an engraved placque or certificate.


All prizes may not be awarded in all years.

  1. The Nicholaes Tulp Prize in Anatomy.  This award may be awarded at least once annually in honor of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, renowned anatomist and physician of the 16th Century, who was immortalized in “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp”, a renowned Rembrandt Painting ca. 1600. The prize shall consist of an autographed plaque engraved with the name of the recipient, and a monetary prize..  Presented by Professor Rolando Branly, Professor  Orien Tulp, and a representative from the Miami Anatomic Research Center.
  2. The  Albert Einstein Prize in Biomedical Sciences.  This award is presented for innovation in biomedical research and engineering.   his award may be awarded not less than once annually in honor of  Albert Einstein, renowned physicist of the 20th Century who has been immortalized by the discovery of numerous medical applications of physics, and  the theory of relativity, E=mc2, studied throughout the world for many generations.  Presented by Drs George P Einstein and Orien  L  Tulp. 
  3. The Bruce Hinckley Robinson Prize in Pathophysiology.  This award shall be awarded once  annually in honor of Distinguished Professor Bruce H Robinson,  Dean of the College of Medicine  of the University of Science Arts and Technology College of Medicine.  The award shall recognize excellence and scholarly achievement in the area of pathophysiology. [Kristen Huber,  Rizwan Assad]  Presented by Dr Robinson.
  4. The Perry B Hudson award in Medicine and Surgery.  This award shall be granted annually in recognition of the First Provost of the University of Science Arts & Technology, Montserrat, Dr Perry B Hudson, MD, PhD[Hon], FACS, a renowned Physician, and General and Urologic Surgeon,  a pioneer in the field of Urology, and the author of numerous original research studies, manuscripts, and textbooks in the fields of Medicine,  Urology and medical sciences. [presented by Dr Hudson]
  5. The Major General Hughes G Robinson award for academic scholarship.  This award is named in honor of MG Robinson, former Aide de Camp to President Lyndon B Johnson, and the first African American to attain the General Officer rank in the United States Army.  Presented by Dr Tony Brown  and Dr [COL] Orien Tulp.
  6. The USAT award in Basic Medical Sciences.  Awarded to students who have earned the highest overall grade point average in Basic Medical Sciences. [
  7. The USAT Award in Clinical Sciences. Awarded to students who have earned the highest overall grade point average in Clinical  Sciences
  8. The Osler Award in Medicine. Awarded to any student who has earned the highest cumulative grade point average in Medicine
  9. The Montserrat Award in Literature and Creative Arts.  Awarded in honor of the Island Nation of  Montserrat, in recognition of the generations of cultural arts which have originated from the Island Nation.
  10. The Alumni Association Award, for distinguished leadership in ones career field within the  first 10 years after Graduation from USAT in any field of study.
  11. The Lavoisier-Sanger Award in Chemistry, for excellence in the study of chemistry and biochemistry.
  12. The Hippocrates Award, the father of modern medicine as we have come to know it today, who advocated the spread of medical knowledge through writing about medical topics; sharing what one knows with others in the medical field with a goal to advance the practice of medicine.