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Life on Montserrat

Life on Montserrat

Montserrat, USAT’s Main Campus

Our University is located in Olveston, Montserrat.  The campus presently consists of 9 buildings, with plans for future expansion.  There are abundantly adorned tropical garden paths defining the natural attributes of our campus.

It is not surprising that we have as leaders in valuable science endeavors, become the first to have taken the initiative to implement an eco-friendly “green” Caribbean University.  Our back up power generation plant has been recently configured with a self-sufficient solar power system capable of supporting the majority of the University’s energy requirements.

Until modern development our University site was one of the largest estates present in Montserrat, having been previously owned by a major US company.  Housing accommodations, eateries, and public transportation are readily available.  In addition, we have opportunities for our students to enjoy social activities.

We are situated along the leeward side of Montserrat in the heart of Calypso country.  There are absolutely spectacular views of the nearby Western Caribbean Sea. The central mountains gracefully slope toward the eastern views.  Overlooking the southern end, a lush tropical rain forest, with unique flora and fauna, contributes to the charming mystique of our historic Campus with its abundant natural amenities.  From all sides we are eloquently embraced with natural beauty.


Montserrat is expanding rapidly, but has taken precautions to preserve the unique environment it has enjoyed for hundreds of years.  The town at Little Bay includes beaches, eateries and pubs.  The Sir George and Lady Martin Cultural Arts Center is located near the Little Bay area, and seats up to 2500. Nearby you will enjoy a football/sports arena and tennis courts.  Montserrat is also a proudly active participant in the much popularized 20-20 Cricket Competition, which takes place throughout the Caribbean.  The Salem Cricket Field has been recently modernized. These popular amenities along with the acclaimed Montserrat Market Square are arrayed in true Caribbean tradition with a splash of modern trimmings and conveniences second to none.

While attending classes on our main campus, we invite you to partake in the tranquility of our un-crowded tropical beaches, observe the brilliant tropical flowers, wildlife and lush vegetation, take part in world class sailing, diving and fishing expeditions, eat out at restaurants and visit friendly night spots with a distinctive Caribbean flair located near campus.  Take advantage of easily accessible and inexpensive transportation, hike miles of trails and winding mountain roads and enjoy activities inspired by natural wonders.  As you will see we have nearby picture perfect views with abundant natural amenities just waiting for your exploration and discovery.



Airports: Local and International Accommodations

Getting to Montserrat is easier than ever.  A valid passport with an expiration date beyond the completion of your prospective studies is required for entry.

Gerald’s airport is Montserrat’s current airport.  The nearest International airport is the V.C. Bird International Airport located in St John’s Antigua less than 30 miles away, and a short 16 minutes travel time. Antigua is served by numerous major airlines with direct flights from London, San Juan (PR), New York, and other cities both within and outside the Caribbean*.  The Montserrat airport is served by 4 to 5 regularly scheduled flights provided daily by SVG/ABM and Fly Montserrat.  Charter service by Carib Aviation and Fly Montserrat are the region’s current air carriers in addition to daily ferry services.

*International Airlines to Antigua include Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, United, Delta, American Eagle/American Airlines, Air Canada, Liat, British West Indies Airways, and others serving US, UK and CARICOM cities.  One can also connect from nearby St. Maarten and other nearby Islands via Air France, British Midlands Airways, Condor, Virgin Atlantic, KLM and others.  The locally owned Island Hopper airlines (Liat, and others) connect virtually all Island Nations in the Caribbean so if one flight doesn’t connect, another likely will.  With over 20 regional and International airports to choose from it is unlikely you will ever be delayed for long when traveling in the Caribbean.

For additional air services and the latest details, please visit

Ferry Service:
Ferry service can be acquired via Antigua, for detailed schedules and contacts, please visit



Living accommodations in Montserrat are modestly to moderately priced, ranging from a studio or small apartment to large villas, which are suitable for 4 or more students to share.

Electrical service is provided by both 120 VAC and 240 VAC, being present in most buildings and homes.  Cable TV, DSL, and modern communications are readily available.



The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the US dollar and the GBP pound are also widely accepted. Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory, sometimes called a British Colony.

Accordingly, driving is to the left as in the UK, and requires the purchase of a Montserrat Driving License (cost EC$ 50/US$ 20) from your neighborhood Royal Police Station.  Banks accept EC dollars and US currency and most airports have cash machines and local bank windows that will connect with most banks worldwide for fast cash while you travel. 


USAT Montserrat Campus

Monserrat Address:
P.O. Box 506, S. Mayfield Estate Dr., Olveston, Montserrat, British West Indies

Woodlands Beach near Campus
Soufrier Hills Volcano - 7 miles from Campus
Little Bay Beach



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