The USAT College of Graduate Studies


[Co-Directors George P Einstein, PhD, DSc,  and Orien L Tulp, PhD, MD, FACN, CNS]



The Graduate College at USAT consists of a robust academic and research program, and is closely linked to the Colleges of Medicine, Education, Arts & Sciences, and the Einstein Institute, with whom common core courses may be shared, thereby making the dual degree Doctorate [MD+PhD or other academic / research doctorate] more cost effective, efficiently structured and attractive to the working student than is typical of most such programs.  Like the aforementioned Colleges, The Graduate College incorporates a blended Instructional Format, with the bulk of the course offerings as live lectures at the Main Campus in addition to the Evening College and the Einstein Institute.  All BS, MS and PhD academic programs may be integrated with the Doctor of Medicine and other medical degree programs that are currently available in the College of Medicine, thereby maximizing the time and efficiency of study while minimizing the traditional added costs of graduate study for the student. The following MS and doctorate programs may be completed through the Graduate College:


            Master of Science [MS, MSc]

Master of Public Health [MPH]

Doctor of Philosophy [PhD]

PhD in Medicine [PhD]

Doctor of Science [ScD]

Doctor of Education [EdD]

Doctor of Pharmacy [PharmD]*

Doctor or Physical or Occupational Therapy {DPT]*

Doctor of Public Health {DPH]

Doctor of Nursing Practice {DNP]*

Doctor of Psychology [PsyD]*


Master and Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences 




* See prerequisites for these programs.


Areas of concentration include Specializations in:


Biomedical sciences


Forensic pathology






Health Care Administration & Management




Environmental and Physical Sciences, and others.




Most Master’s degree programs may be taken in a thesis or non-thesis mode, but the MPH and all doctoral degrees require a formal thesis and oral defense of the dissertation prior to award of the degree.   




*Professional Licensure at entry level in the primary discipline in any US State or Territory or foreign [non-US based] Nation or Territory is required.