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Clinical Rotations

Clinical Curriculum Overview: College of Medicine

Our specialized curriculum readily provides the dedicated emerging student with the necessary knowledge and preclinical skills necessary to succeed with practical applications of his/her learned skills.  With our commitment to excellence and professionalism using the sciences and technology of medicine, dedicated students will be well prepared for worldwide medical systems.  Those learned skills will serve them far beyond the date of graduation and well into the practical environment at the patients bedside.

Clinical Clerkship & Clinical RotationsClinical experiences may be taken in any sequence, for a total of not less than 80 weeks [80 credits] of clinical training for the award of the MD degree, and 60 weeks of clinical training for the MBBS degree.  In addition, free elective lecture modules in areas of specialization may be taken throughout the duration of the clinical training.  The clinical training may be completed in any USAT approved hospital or clinical setting.  International clinical experiences are strongly encouraged.  It is recommended to blend cores and electives in any given clinical semester. 

Year III & IV: Clinical Specialties: 80 weeks in duration, may be completed in any sequence.  The designated specialty or substantial equivalent, and may be completed in any hospital or clinical environment approved by USAT.   


Required Clinical Core Specialties:
minimum 50 weeks total

General Medicine / Family Medicine, minimum 4 weeks
Internal Medicine, minimum 12 weeks
General Surgery, minimum 12 weeks
Emergency Medicine or Urgent Care, minimum 4 weeks
 Obstetrics & Gynecology, minimum 6 weeks
Pediatrics, minimum 6 weeks
General Psychiatry, minimum 6 weeks

Note: Additional weeks in a core specialty as desired may also substitute for elective weeks.  Recall that 80 weeks is the minimum total needed.  It is strongly recommended that one use the clinical elective category to tailor their resume toward the residency specialty of their choice.

Recommended Clinical Elective Specialties:  
2 to 4 weeks each, minimum 30 weeks total

Dermatology, 4 weeks
Cardiology, 4 weeks
Radiology, 2 to 4 weeks
Orthopedics, 2 to 4 weeks
Ophthalmology, ENT, 2 to 4 weeks

Additional Elective Specialties: Any additional clinical specialties including but not limited to Pathology, Hematology & Oncology, Rheumatology, Tropical Medicine, Physical Medicine, Acupuncture & Pain Management, Clinical Nutrition, Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Integrative Medicine, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.  Clinical Electives may be completed in virtually any area of medicine as practiced by physicians [MD or DO].

Note MBBS only:  Clinical training minimum of 60 weeks in duration, including a minimum of 4 weeks of Family or General Medicine.  Recommended as an en route prerequisite to the final completion of the MD program.


  Degree Note: The following degree options are unique offerings of the USAT College of Medicine and may be awarded with the MBBS or MD degree. 

Diploma in International Medicine: The Diploma in International Medicine may be awarded to medical students who, upon graduation with the MBBS or MD degree, have completed a significant portion of their clinical training in a country other than the USA.  Applicants for this distinction must have completed clinical training in two or more countries excluding the USA.

Diplomat in International Medicine: The Diplomat in International Medicine is the highest recognition that can be awarded to individuals who have contributed to the highest standards of medical care in the USA and abroad.  The applicants must have demonstrated a sustained commitment and a substantial contribution of 5 or more years of cumulative duration since becoming registered as a practicing physician in any area of specialization.   The 5 years need not be consecutive and may have been completed over any period of time.  



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