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Interdisciplinary MSc, DSc/ScD and PhD PROGRAMS

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MSc (Masters of Science), DSc/ScD (Doctor of Science) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) 



Letter from the Dean of the College -

Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to the University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat, and  The Einstein Institute Program for joint interdisciplinary studies and research. The Einstein Institute will equip you with solid knowledge through imagination, creative concepts, mathematical models, simulation to effective therapy, and innovation, to attain a MSc or PhD degree. During your studies, you will embark on a most fascinating journey that prepares you for your future career, beyond the traditional structures, with new insights for the twenty-first century.


George Einstein, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Professor and Dean, USAT College of Graduate Studies and the Einstein Institute 

The University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat, British West Indies. 



The vision of the Einstein Institute is to prepare students for future success through effective, creative models in discovery, utilizing specific, heuristic, and algorithmic structures for research. The ultimate goal of The Einstein Institute Program is to further explore the innovative apparatuses and methods used in prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.


The University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Einstein Institute prides itself on a faculty body consisting of highly qualified and internationally recognized professors, lecturing and researching in several diversified disciplines of science and technology.

The University of Science, Arts, and Technology, Montserrat is an internationally recognized teaching and research Institution. The Institute’s academic and research programs lead to interdisciplinary research in areas of Medicine, Medical Sciences, and Applied Technology. 



1. Joint Biomedical Science and MD Degree

A major focus of the joint Biomedical Science [MSc, DSc, PhD] and MD Degree program is to prepare Medical Doctors fostering an area of medical research that may lead to significant scientific breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

To achieve greater success in understanding the complex interactions of biological, physiological and environmental mechanisms, the Einstein Institute encourages collaborations between research scientists across disciplines throughout the University and beyond its walls. The IMED and WDOMS listed MBBS / MD component requires active instruction, while the Biomedical elements may be completed in a blended instructional format program that may include some independent and distance learning study in addition to the live, interactive courses offered in the Evening Division of USAT and the College of Medicine.


-a. Health Science, Medical SPA Management

       The MSc and PhD in Health Sciences program is focused on preparing graduates to operate under the full-time, on-site supervision of a licensed health care setting whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment that integrates spa services, as well as traditional, complimentary and/or alternative therapies and treatments. The facility operates within the scope of practice of its staff, which provides medical prevention/wellness procedures and services.

-b. Vital Bio Nutrition and Longevity Health Science Management

           The MSc and PhD in Biomedical nutrition degree program provides the necessary resources to plan and conduct inpatient and outpatient services that demand sophisticated nutritional support. The Longevity component of the program provides nutrition and wellness education,  as well as, training in nutritional and pathophysiologic biomarkers of pathophysiologic assessment to better identify risk factors for problems of aging and to recommend a personalized program of interventions to maintain independence and promote healthful aging.

2. Biomedical Engineering and Science

            Biomedical Engineering is a closely related network of life sciences, the physical sciences and engineering. It is a field in which engineering principles and techniques are applied to the life sciences and medicine. It covers a wide spectrum of activities which includes the development of artificial organs and limbs, implantable medical devices, tissue engineering, biomedical instrumentation, biosensors, computing in medical research and diagnosis, signal or image processing, clinical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory engineering. The diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to the physician entering
the twenty-first century represent complex and intricate applications of engineering. This program incorporates a blended instructional format that includes both resident and non-resident instructional modules. MSc, ScD, PhD.

3. Innovation: Interdisciplinary Innovation Design, R&D Management

           The fact is, imagination, innovation design and R&D is revolutionizing business. That’s why we created the MSc and PhD degree program in Design and Innovation Management. It exposes engineers and business applicants to the process of innovative design thinking and teaches designers how to create new quality products by R&D. Design and research include Alternative Energy systems, Environmental Engineering, Agriculture production, Aquaponics, and Nutritional, Water and Air management.


Modern Interdisciplinary Research ProgramLeads to MSc, ScD/DSc, or PhD Degree.

                We are proposing general areas of interest in our research but we welcome other topics of interest, and we would be happy to discuss other areas of research for your degree basis.


The research Program is currently focusing on, but not limited to, the following areas:

Bio-nutrition and Bio-vaccines for Immune Stimulation System
Biophotonics Immune Stimulation System
Spectroscopy and Photometry in Biology and Medicine

Medical Biomechanics and Mechatronics

Mathematical Analysis of Psychological Profile and Therapy
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biosensors
Therapeutic Medical Instrumentation
Simulation of Human Biosystems
Classified Research (for US Citizens only)*
Noninvasion Integrative Diagnostic Systems
Fiber Optics and Cellular Biocommunication

 *US only research degrees contact for further application process

Thesis Requirement

For MSc programs, both thesis and non-thesis options are available

All ScD/DsC and PhD options in the Einstein Institute and the USAT College of Graduate Studies require an original thesis, typically 125 to 250 pages, based on the actual research conducted by the candidate.  


We are now accepting applications for intermediate individual study, classroom, Evening Division, and on-line program.
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