Premedical Entrance Requirements [All]: A minimum of 60 semester credits including courses in:

Biological Sciences

Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

English Comprehension*

Mathematics & Computer Sciences

General Psychology & Social Sciences 

General Physics

Electives of your choice 

*For some jurisdictions up to 4 semesters of English language may also be required.

Note: A Bachelor's degree or equivalent is the recommended minimum for admission to the MD option. The courses listed below are the minimum requirements to be considered when applying, and you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater. 

Many of the following courses may be completed as co-requisities in the USAT Evening Division during the first year of study, or at your local community college.

• Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic (Chem I and Chem II)

• Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology)

• Computer Science (Intro to PC)

• Physics, General or Applied Physics

• Medical Terminology

• Introductory Nutrition

• Electives (up to 12 credits)


Please Note: The University of Science, Arts and Technology, Montserrat reserves the right to administer an entrance examination where admission qualifications are uncertain. The examination consists of multiple choice and short answer questions and requires approximately one hour to complete. The basis of the examination includes an assessment to assist in proper placement of the student and the determination of transfer credits.

How to Apply

By applying online you will be able to upload all of your documents and view the status of your application.


Application Notes: You must upload all required documents to the online application portal including the two recommendation letters, resume/CV, background (records) check, application fee, enrollment agreement, fee schedule agreement, and unofficial transcripts. The only exception is the official transcripts (required within 90 days of admission) which must be sent via mail to USAT by either the institution, or the prospective student may send the official transcripts in the original unopened and sealed envelope they obtained from the institution. Mail official transcripts to USAT Admissions Department, 3442 Ash St., Denver, CO 80207. The background/records check may be obtained by your local police or Sheriff’s department. Once we receive your complete application with all required documents your application will be forwarded to the admissions board. Once it is forwarded you should receive a decision in less than two weeks depending on application volume.


If you have any questions and your last name starts with A-L email and for last names M-Z email